Dove's #OneBeautifulThought

Back in 2004, Dove came up with what is probably the best female-focused campaign of the noughties. The Campaign for Real Beauty by Ogilvy & Mather was a total game changer and its impact can be felt in other movements from anti-photoshopping, the skinny model debate to the recirculation of Lego's 1981 What Is Beautiful? ad of the cute, but not Disney pretty, ginger-haired girl. (Though wouldn't you rather be her than, say, Elsa from Frozen?)

Since 2004, Dove continued with the Real Beauty concept, releasing the mega viral Real Beauty Sketches - some of which have been ace, some of which have been painfully set up and therefore bad.

But the soap brand has come up with a corker with this french video. I wish they hadn't use models (or model-grade women) but the overheard concept is genius (and more believable). Women are so hard on themselves and that bitchy internal voice is something we can all relate to. 

hannah rand