Say Oui - Cartier's Proposal video

French luxury jewellery house Cartier released The Proposal short film for Valentines Day this year but since wedding season is almost on us, why not get a little romantic and look at it again.

The film, shot by Sean Ellis, is super elegant (naturellement), set in Paris (idem) and follows three ladies, each impeccably dressed with enviable hair, as they are about to be surprised with very expensive rings by handsome men who have thought up original and thoughtful ways to woo their women. 

Product placement is minimal - apart from the big red ring boxes. Although the scene where one woman frantically looks through her Cartier bag for a lost passport, bringing out several Cartier accessories and cosmetics one by one, must have kept the marketing department happy. (The British version would have had her riffling through old tissues, breath mints and a half-eaten Special K cereal bar.)

It's so stylish and romantic it made even an old ball-and-chain like me watch the six minute film twice (take that SnapChat). And if that isn't enough of your lunch hour taken up, there's an interactive version too.

The video currently has 6.2 million views on YouTube.

hannah rand