Benefit's guide to beautiful social media

How do you create a beauty brand that can muscle its way through the big-budget powerhouses like Lancome, Clarins and Clinique? Create one that is more interesting, has more personality and has something to say to its customer. 

Benefit have done this through happy packaging, personality-laden copywriting and a massive investment of time, energy and (wo)man power in their social media. They are a great example of a brand who understands that making their customer happy is key to success. By using words and images that are supportive, inclusive and funny, Benefit have jumped to the front of the crowd, particularly on social media.

On Instagram they are particularly successful, with Benefit scoring 1.6m followers, compared to Lancome Official's 64.6k and Clinique's 193k. On Facebook, the bigger brands do better (Lancome 6m, Clinique 7.7m and Benefit 1.7m), but Facebook works well with discount and loyalty vouchers, which big brands can afford to do by the load. You can't get away with such bribery on Instagram - you actually have to be interesting.

Benefit Cosmetics have created a refreshing alternative to dominant cosmetics brands' overly-airbrushed, one-look-fits-all approach to female beauty. Even if you don't buy into the retro, kiss-me-quick, supercharged pink packaging, it's hard not to laugh at product names like Puff Off eye gel and Hello Gorgeous Oxygen Wow foundation. 


This Instagram pic acknowledges that their customers like wine (shock!) and cheese (double shock!!) and care more about eating it then what it might do to their skin. 

That's more appealing than a close-up of a girl with unbelievably good (because it's fake) skin. Long-term brand loyalty might be a thing of the past, but something like this would get my vote next time I'm looking to spend a few quid on a mascara or foundation. And, if I liked the product, it would keep me coming back for more.

Oh, and Benefit don't just post their funny stories and then forget about them. They read and engage in what's being said. Take this Instagram of blogger Mrs Bianca Locke. Obviously, some nasty comments have been posted and rightly removed by the brand. But Benefit didn't stop there. Like any smart lady friend, they killed the bullies with kindness and highlighted their silly bitchiness by encouraging everyone to get along. 










hannah rand