High Design + Breastfeeding - three words that don't often go together

Breastfeeding might be having a moment of fresh air (on Twitter - #Brelfie - and on the cover of Elle Australia), but the real issue for lactating mothers isn't whether to breastfeed or not (presumably they worked that out pretty quick) but where to blooming do it.

None of this silly fuss takes into account just how hard it is to breastfeed in public. In order to stop your offspring from starving (or screaming you out of the cafe), and to not flash your boobs to the staring/tutting public at the same time, mothers have to twist themselves into all sorts of crippling,yogic positions. If you see a woman feeding her bleating kid from a bottle, most likely it's because her osteopaths ordered it, rather than coming from any social embarrassment. (We generally lose any sense of dignity around the 12 week 'internal exam'.)

And, while it may be a bit easier at home, it's no more comfortable. Any nursing chair that resembles anything you'd be happy to have in your front room is outrageously expensive. Try to adapt a normal rocking chair into your Mother Dragon throne, and you are likely to end up with elbows in splints and a permanently hunched back.(New mothers have enough body issues to deal with, thanks).

Which is why I think these chairs from Spanish design agency Alegre Design are so worth a mention. Beautiful to look at and ergonomically designed by two gallant fellas who noticed how uncomfortable their wives were while breastfeeding. "There has always been a huge development of products for the child, but very few for mums," one of the designers told Dezeen. Amen to that.

The Nana Chair by Alegre Design. Almost worth getting pregnant again for. Almost.

Alegre Design Nana Chair
Alegre Design Nana Chair
Alegre Design Nana Chair

Even if the arm rest does look like a banana.

Nana chair by Allegre Design. Read more on Dezeen.

hannah rand