Pleasure Not Pressure

The Sanctuary Spa has hit a note with their #LetItGo campaign. Playing on the feminist, nostalgic atmosphere of the original Covent Garden spa, women of a certain age talk about things they would have done more of, rather than worrying about the trivial. 

Obvious suggestions are kissing your baby goodnight for one minute longer (easier to wish for through the rosy glow of retrospect, harder in reality when you have 30 mins to write your work emails before the husband gets home wanting dinner and the baby wants The Dinosaur Who Pooped A Planet read to them for the 5th time), but the sentiment is very watchable.  

I like the quote about burning your bras rather than burning out.

And the idea of stopping everything to hop in a steaming bath, oily with delicious-smelling Sanctuary Spa products, and 'just letting it go' is extremely appealing.

We can all live in hope.


Burn your bras. Don't burn out.

hannah rand