You want to speak to your customers more clearly.
They want to be heard.

For me, content is about understanding a customer need and developing a narrative around that need - a deeper message that cuts through the marketing chatter, and stays with the customer as they go about their day. 

So, first, we identify what it is you want to say. We can do this through:

  • a brand bible and a tone-of-voice guide
  • identification of core brand values (narratives, story-telling and points-of-view)
  • editorial calendars based on strictly on trade objectives and customer insight

Then we need to develop strategies to get your values out there. So we look at:

  • paid and social content and campaigns
  • SEO targets and objectives
  • web analytics and customer journey
  • a robust digital and cross-platform content marketing strategy to ensure that every opportunity is maximised

If this sounds like the start of something beautiful, just get in touch. 

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