Content. It's a bit of a meh word, isn't it? For something that has the ability to transform our lives for the better.  

For me, content is understanding a customer need and developing a narrative around that need - a deeper message that cuts through the marketing chatter, and stays with the customer as they go about their day. Good content, in any form, should make us stop and think.

I believe content should never be created in isolation, and works best when part of a strategic integrated plan. Bringing personalised, targeted messaging to customers often requires a restructuring of business.


I've worked for many fashion retailers and brands, both in-house and at creative agencies, and have a solid understanding of what a business needs to do to bring content to its core. 

Slotting a new content proposition into a traditional agency process needs someone who understands the challenges both on the client side and within the agency. I've set up many content teams and have a wide network of writer, editor, subbing and art contacts.

If you'd like to hear more, just get in touch. 

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